Battleground Concrete

Taking the Fight Out of Concrete

Battleground Concrete

Taking the Fight Out of Concrete

Battleground Concrete

Taking the Fight Out of Concrete

Battleground Concrete

Taking the Fight Out of Concrete

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The Utilization of Volumetric Mixers

Battleground saves you time and money by using volumetric concrete mixers to provide concrete on demand to all of the construction industry, including the industrial, infrastructure, commercial, and residential industries. Our volumetric mixers allow our customers the ability to have a custom concrete mix that is metered on-site to ensure fresh concrete and that the customers pay for the exact amount of concrete used. No more paying for short loads, overages, or waiting hours for ready mix.

The versatility of our volumetric mixers gives Battleground the flexibility to meet the needs of any contractor in the construction industry as well as the do-it-yourself market; no order is too small, and no job is too big.

Battleground Environmental

No More Hot Loads

Battleground Concrete is unlike any other concrete company because of our use of volumetric mixing truck. The volumetric mixing truck allows us to provide fresh concrete that is mixed onsite in leu of a batch plant miles down the road. Because our concrete is mixed onsite it will prevent unneeded stress of field supervision, delays in the project or additional cost.

No Short Loads

We only have a 1 yard minimum so you don’t have to worry about a short load fees. This allows us the ability to pour even the smallest of foundation while still giving you a cost savings.

Pay for Only What You Need

Depending on the mix design Battleground Concrete can provide up to 10 yards of concrete at a time. Because of our volumetric mixing trucks we can provide concrete down to the quarter of a yard. This allows you to not have to worry about paying for extra concrete or not having enough concrete for pours 10 yards or less.

Ability to Change Mix Designs

With our Volumetric Mixers we can change mix designs with a push of a button as long as the aggregate size doesn’t change. This allows us to pour several different PSI strengths or slumps in the same delivery.

Delivery Whenever You Need

 Our Volumetric Mixing trucks are batch plants on wheels. This allows us to pour 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

 Eco Friendly

Volumetric Mixing Trucks produce little to no waste. This can be a huge selling point to owners in todays business environment. This also takes a burden off of our customers in providing a large cleanout area. Most of the time our trucks can be cleaned out in as little as a wheel barrow.  

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